Thursday, December 13, 2007


I love Edward Gorey cards--but this year have a much more amusing card. It’s an Edwards card! On the cover is a photo of the family. Inside there's a message, which if you can read you're brilliant. The handwriting is terrible. It looks like: “Fur deliberately sacrifice...and, closs cless times...”

Brilliant PR! And I'm not mocking. I put the card on my mantel.

Right now--I'd far rather stay home and do embroidery than go to any caucus or primary. I feel grumpy about it. I have to decide so soon. Why can't we have one big primary on the same day? Don't they do something like this in France?

I have to do my research at the Congressional Record, though I'd rather go by the PR.

So far I support Hillary Clinton to an extent it’s because she’s a woman, but I also believe she might win. She has worked with Republicans closely in the Senate and is very pragmatic and middle-of-the-road, which many progressives complain of. I still remember her health care reform committee as a First Lady during the ‘90s. Defeated, but a good effort. Frankly, I don’t think they can do a damned thing about health care--the drug companies are too strong. Of course, I don’t know who owns America... Hillary is tough: God knows she’s had experience. All those “scandals” during the Clinton administration.

I might change my mind. I do love Edwards's PR.

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